sábado, 30 de marzo de 2013

Global Warming, pt2

I'm all chaos, organized and controlled chaos that is. Like a nuclear reactor is controlled chaos vs an atomic bomb uncontrolled chaos.  I advocate the chaos of asking why each and everytime, creating and controlling chaos.
Last week I was in an UN press conference on World Water day. The PhD speakers talked all about the studies that took them years developing, all about the human factor vs. drinking water in the world and advocating the reasons why governments should charge more for the water well exploitation.

I stood up, an asked them: "Dear sirs, lovely study, But did you consider the fact that reforestation will regenerate the water reserves and eventually reverse global warming? Have you even considered the business model that could be created implicating the whole worlds economy, boosting everyone up, instead of down?..." - they responded: " uhhhh...."

Our traditional leaders and their models, mostly do not have a clue. I created chaos by making them think WHY.
By the way, they looked me up and contacted me later. And no, I do not have a PhD: I just make the right questions.