jueves, 28 de marzo de 2013

What to do for global warming?

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Everyone talks about world temperatures records that just date back 100 years. Has anyone thought about "unofficial" records dating behind 100 years? Of course not because it is unpolitical and far from scandalous news worthy... According to historical records as I read a while ago a doctoral study that before the thermometer was invented, the hottest years in human history were around the 1400s when Europe's crops flourished as summers were longer, helping the Europeans come out of the Dark-ages, just because they ate better, their brains became better. There are  5 sun-earth cycles that are also influencing the earths temperature and we as humans cannot do anything about that.

Of course that kind of information does not come out as noisy as the cataclysmic, catastrophic end of the world news we hear everyday. We all love a good catastrophe movie from time to time but not all the time.

There will always be blind denialist people, conspirationists, short and trimmed focus people, and most dangerous: stupid people that exaggerate everything to one side or the other according to their own self interests, including just fame by creating "news".

Albeit that, it is a fact that pollution is a humongous problem that we as a generation must start dealing with our grandfathers doing, so we may try and leave our grandsons a better world than the one we found, not a worst one as our current trend is clearly going into worse.

Have any of you thought that deforestation, overfishing and high-voltage transmission lines are the largest by far, contributors to global warming? not just CO2, and vehicle emissions in reality is a "small" fraction, but it is something we all feel we can do... there is so much more we can, but won't.

Einstein once said:"the ones that have the privilege of knowing, have the duty to act accordingly" so lets all stop complaining and act.

Please check out my previous post relating directly on the articles subject. And yes, I am doing my part as well as I can, and I'll be better at it tomorrow as I am working on that everyday.